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An Angela Mortimer Spooktacular Treat


Working in an office can feel like its Halloween everyday. Between irritating colleagues who make your blood boil, monstrous employees, looming deadlines that make you go bump in the night and nightmarish bosses who haunt your dreams, it’s a wonder anyone can concentrate on the job at hand.

Some of the most common workplace problems involve other people. Whether over a spooky clash of personality or a haunting project failure, we are far more likely to complain of workplace witches and warlocks than anything else.

In order to overcome this, it is important to remember a few key strategies. Though it may seem as outdated as the first Frankenstein movie, communication is always imperative for ensuring a healthy working environment. Listen to your employees – however monstrous their behaviour – and in turn give them honest feedback. Likewise, if you are an employee, tell your bosses about any issues you are having. Opening up honest, unbiased conversation channels is the best way to make sure your workplace doesn’t become A Nightmare on Elm Street…

This is also the best way to deal with irritating co-workers. Although you might consider poison to be a preferable option for those colleagues who really make your blood boil, a healthy workplace environment means learning to communicate when things are becoming too tricky to bear. Your HR department can help with this, ensuring you turn those trick(y) situations into a treat.

Nightmare bosses have haunted the minds (and dreams) of quavering employees since the first “you’re fired” was uttered. As an employee, it can be hard to get past such a scary barrier. Make sure you have someone or somewhere to go to air your concerns, and try to remember that the nightmare will eventually always end!

Often even the work we do can feel like a Halloween activity. Sales calls for example are very much like knocking on a front door when trick or treating. In order to get the most out of this kind of trick or treating, you need to make sure you can get past that scary gatekeeper to the sweets on the other side. Treating gatekeepers like gold is your most important bargaining chip here. Being nice – despite being dressed up in a scary Halloween-y guise – will always get you further. A personal touch – “is there anything I can do for you?” – also goes a long way.

Follow our advice to ensure your workplace avoids turning into the set of Hocus Pocus. We hope you have a most spooktacular Halloween!

Rose Collard

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