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Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace


Conventional wisdom holds that as long as workers are paid enough, they’ll be productive. However, this may not be quite as simple as it sounds. New research suggests that happy employees are as much as 12% more productive, compared with unhappy employees who are 10% less productive.[1] Financial incentives aside, then, it seems that happy employees, rather than overpaid ones, make for a more productive working environment. In turn, a productive environment makes for a more efficient and effective output. But how do you make sure your workplace is productive? How can you measure the happiness of your employees?

This is, obviously, not something that can be measured on a quantitative basis. But there are many things that can be done to ensure your employees feel looked after.

Health and wellbeing are of upmost importance when it comes to having happy employees. Many workplaces now offer healthcare as part of their packages, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring their employees are healthy and happy.

Having an open door policy in terms of talking about workplace concerns is something your employees can take great comfort in. Knowing you have a safe space to go to to air your concerns takes a huge weight off and offers an invaluable reassurance to employees.

Strong social support is also one of the biggest factors in positive productivity – something that has been examined in school children as well as in corporate office employees. Ensuring good relationship management across your employees – perhaps organising regular company socials or lunches – will all contribute to their overall happiness, and thus productivity.

This year Google was ranked by Fortune magazine as the world’s best place to work.[2] This title has been held by the company eight times in eleven years. Google implements a number of strategies to ensure employee happiness including ensuring a food source is available for every employee, offering onsite haircuts and doctors, as well as nap pods and massage rooms. It is perks like this that have made Google one of the most desirable places to work.

Health and wellbeing incentives, then, might be more important than financial ones when it comes to the overall productivity of your workforce. Making sure your employees feel looked after professionally, as well as personally, will make for a far happier, and thus more productive, working environment.

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