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AMCity Grad- It's a grad thing...


It’s that time of year again a lot of students have donned their cap and gowns to celebrate the three years of hard work (or celebrating and late night partying) paying off with a new shiny degree to take into the world of work.

But where do they start? Will the graduate job hunt really be the smooth journey they first thought?

The graduate job market is always changing and more often than not graduates find themselves in difficult situations fighting for places on grad schemes and entry level positions. So, where can graduates turn to for valuable support in the job search and kick start to their career?

AM CityGrad is a partner of the Angela Mortimer Group, a unique platform for students and graduates to create online CV profiles visible to employers. Matthew D’Silva, one of the AMCityGrad consultants, provides an insight into the toilsome and somewhat troublesome graduate market…

Students graduate with at least £40,000 worth of debt; as such they can be forgiven for wanting more. Salary is no longer the only deciding factor, instead the opportunity to work within certain companies is seen as a fantastic opportunity for exposure to certain environments and obtaining this early on in their careers can be priceless. The importance of working for a reputable organisation is particularly true for positions in finance and technology. Within these industries many students are willing to accept a lower salary in order to gain the experience within a prestigious organisation. It is also common for students and graduates to point to the importance of a role being mentally stimulating and challenging. Most students and graduates spend sixteen years at a minimum in education, from primary school to university, and are ready for a challenge and to be engaged.

As recruiters, it is important to sell the company and the environment candidates will be working in. Like all people looking for work, graduates and students care about their future and the opportunity for progression, but they also want to know about the team they’ll be working with and how they will fit into the company. High salaries don’t necessarily mean that companies will retain talent. Nowadays employees want to feel valued in the workplace and their careers to be nurtured. Employers who spend time developing and progressing graduates are more likely to retain their skills and knowledge.

Students and graduates want companies to invest in them and not approach graduate recruitment with the fear of them leaving. Our research clearly shows that once graduates are in their first role over 50% of those surveyed will stay in the role longer than a year. Employee benefits were voted by the fewest people as ‘important’ or ‘very important’.

Unsurprisingly the most popular types of companies students apply to are big corporate and national organisations. SMEs were chosen by just 35% students. This is not surprising given that most SMEs find it hard to reach graduates and so aren’t marketed to them in the same way as the bigger corporations. Additionally, SMEs often have smaller recruitment budgets, meaning that they often recruit via referral and personal contact. This is a particularly significant fact when we consider that only 17,000 graduates made it onto corporate graduate schemes in 2013.The other 95% could do well to look at SMEs for employment, particularly as these businesses represent 99.9% of all private sector businesses in the UK, and provides 59.3% of all private sector employment.

AM CityGrad has been designed specifically for students and graduates! There are no more CV’s and no more applications forms. Students and graduates energise your job hunt with the inclusion of a video CV and an achievement gallery in order to showcase their skills. On completion their CityGrad profile will instantly be visible to employers actively recruiting students and graduates. Our robust search function enables businesses to filter through over 15,000 CityGrad profiles. Check out their details, view their video CV’s and browse their achievement galleries. Once they have identified the perfect candidate, they are free to approach them directly with their job opportunity.

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