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British American Business

British American Business

On Thursday 27th April the BAB will be hosting the bi-annual Executive Assistants Reception in New York City. The Angela Mortimer US co-sponsored event is curated specifically to recognise and appreciate the hard work and achievements of the EA community within New York City.

The BAB is a transatlantic network dedicated to championing its members, their ideas, interests, people and values. The BAB services reflect the membership’s requirements that ‘the best business is personal and all business is practical’. They know what their membership wants, who they need to meet and as a result are able to deliver value for money. If you have an Executive Assistant that is suitable to attend please contact Fan Zhang.

Not only are Steve Candland and his Angela Mortimer US team co-sponsoring the event but our Co-founder and Director, Angela Mortimer, herself will be in attendance and also speaking on the night. Having started the company 40 years ago Angela has been responsible for the development of over 200,000 careers, opening offices in 7 countries across 3 continents in the process. Individual accolades have unsurprisingly followed; most recently last year in New Delhi Angela was honoured at the Women’s Economic Forum as one of the ‘Iconic Business Leaders of the Decade’.

2016 saw the company reach its 40th year and as an acknowledgement Angela was invited by Executive Secretary magazine to write an extended piece for the magazine’s September issue. The article details Angela’s career path for her origins within teaching and psychology right through to the leap of faith required to start her own recruitment operation. The editorial unfolds at break neck speed giving anecdotal insights into the development of both the industry and the evolution of our candidates, from the secretary in the 70s & 80s through to the modern day PAs & EAs we will be celebrating on the 27th. In conclusion it is a vital and fascinating profession that keeps the world running.

Angela alludes in brief to the advent of artificial intelligence within but has more recently taken the decision to embellish on the subject, recently presenting in Copenhagen to a similarly impressive group of Executive Assistants. Without wanting to give too much away in advance of the 27th Angela will be addressing the BAB audience on the future of the Executive Assistant, making specific reference to the challenges those in attendance will encounter from artificial intelligence and also data technology. It is not all doom and gloom as some may fear; Angela will pay homage to the value add of the Executive Assistant and also how the profession can harness its power in order to further individual development.

Not only will the guests come away with an insight into the history of the company and what it takes to build such an organisation, but also a feeling for the future opportunities of the Executive Assistant. Lastly Angela will introduce Louisa Robertson, who will be joining Steve and his team in New York from the London office. Louisa has been a significant force within the London operation over 5 years having successfully built a team and also driven a division forward. Louisa’s recruitment prowess is undeniable and we are all sure she will forge a huge success in New York further strengthening our British American Business.

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