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Significance of 40

Forty years is a long time. Longer than most of the Angela Mortimer staffs’ life times: 90% in fact. We all hope (and expect) to live that long, but for a business to reach that milestone is an achievement of great significance. Experts suggest 9 in 10 start up businesses are likely to fail and the #1 reason for this is taking a product to market that no one wants or needs.

The fact the Angela Mortimer Group turns forty this year is a testament to the continued importance and development of the secretarial role. This growth and evolution from secretary in the 1970’s and 80’s to PA or EA in the 90’s and beyond is something you’ll be hearing about in greater detail from Angela Mortimer later this month in Executive Secretary Magazine.

So. We have a good product, which is showing no signs of going away, but that can’t be the only explanation for Angela Mortimer’s longevity? Effective growth helps businesses by pass their potential killers: losing to the competition, losing customers, losing personnel and losing passion. In a recruitment context boutique agencies are an excellent stepping stone for recruiters to develop into senior roles.

This resonates nicely with the Angela Mortimer idea of ‘small is beautiful’, with each office being made up of small teams and 65% of managerial positions consisting of those who have passed through the graduate scheme. On top of this there is an encouraged culture of individuals pro actively building their own book as opposed to a reactive account management approach.

A recurring idea from the research was that businesses started by two people were far more likely to succeed than those started by an individual. Having a cofounder creates a partnership, there’s accountability and more than likely two complementary skill sets. Not to mention the support and encouragement one provides the other. Another box ticked for AM.

This may seem obvious but another regularly discussed concept in relation to the initial survival and then growth of a business is to have a product that is at least a cut above the competition. Instead of waxing lyrical I thought I’d let a couple of testimonials from recent weeks do the talking on this one.

‘I can't say enough how lovely it's been to work with you, 20 years of temping and you guys are head and shoulders above other agencies.’ LizCandidate of Jess Norton and Kate Headford

‘With incredible perseverance, Daisy has only ever provided me quality candidates and has continuously added value throughout our contact, not to mention the blue book.’ Preeya – Client of Daisy Page

‘You have been absolutely fantastic and you've presented my profile and my transferable skills to the client amazingly! Really a big big thanks to you!’ Amandine – Candidate of Charlotte Joseph

‘Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your assistance with this - you have been very helpful and the candidates we received from you were of much higher quality than other recruitment agencies.’ Fran – Client of Louisa Robertson

Two unavoidable obstacles all businesses have encountered over the past forty years are the advent and rapid growth of modern technology and the constantly unnerving threat of recession. Having survived four recessions since inception The Angela Mortimer Group continues to grow opening offices across Europe, North America and Asia. This tenacity is vital for any business to have as only the strongest have survived such regular economic downturns.

Forty years is not something to be sniffed at. Here’s to forty more!

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