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Back To The Start

At the beginning of July I took a look at the rather new phenomenon that is the employee boomerang and how we’re seeing this regularly at Angela Mortimer. Today I am going to take a step back in time so to speak, and focus on the beginnings of the career path putting the spot light on our very own graduate ‘Ops’ scheme.

Cheri Randell is the most recent graduate having just completed four months as an Operations Co-ordinator, two as the Ops Team Leader before joining Charlotte Joseph’s team as a Trainee Temp Consultant. Charlotte herself is a graduate of the very same Ops scheme having completed in 2013 before moving on to join Jess Norton’s team who had also completed the Ops scheme in 2007. You probably won’t be surprised to hear the team Jess joined was run by Sharon Fidler also a graduate of Ops and now an equity partner within the business. Seems to be a re occurring theme developing?

As an Operations Co-ordinator Cheri worked on the front desk in a team of four constantly providing a first impression of Angela Mortimer for both clients and candidates. Speaking to Cheri she emphasised the fast paced nature of the job, with the phone constantly ringing, and everyone needing to be dealt with politely and efficiently regardless of ones mood.

Many aren’t cut out for the ‘sink or swim’ environment Cheri describes. Having to deal with the high expectations of the experienced recruitment team, making sure both their clients and candidates are properly looked after, always taking away a positive first impression. A daunting situation for a young person potentially in their first role?

That’s the point.

Cheri was previously a candidate of Jo Mortimer, who placed her in a permanent role with a Private Healthcare firm after graduating University. After four months Cheri decided to move on citing lack of progression. Cheri gave Jo a call to discuss the problem and couldn’t believe how supportive and helpful she was. A handful of conversations later Cheri had passed through the interview process and was in line to start working as an Operations Co-ordinator with a view to progressing into the world of recruitment.

Our chat around Angela Mortimer and reasons for joining always came back around to progression. ‘Why else would you be there?’ Cheri had left her previous role because of lack of opportunities and was genuinely excited about the prospect of growth within Angela Mortimer both professionally and financially.

Cheri is a determined, goal orientated young woman with an immediate desire to move out of home and be able to afford her own mortgage. Promotion within her place of work was the only thing that would enable her to achieve this. She reiterated that working on Ops was tough. Working at break neck speed with long hours and high responsibility: but it was all worth it. After being ‘signed off’ she was able to join the recruitment team in the back office and take one step closer to that end goal.

As well as the encouraged progression aspect of Angela Mortimer, Cheri stressed the importance of the team environment and family feel. Despite Ops being hard work she spoke warmly of the support of her team mates on the desk, as well as the relationships she was able to develop with the consultants she worked with over that four month period. She particularly made mention of the kind welcome and feeling of immense pride she was on the receiving end of the day she made the move from the front desk to the back office.

Unprompted Cheri wrote the conclusion for me consistently revisiting both opportunities for progression and the family like working environment as her reasoning for joining Angela Mortimer. Both points fall in line with the findings of this years Blue Book Employment Survey which has both these factors in the top 3 things employees said they looked for from a prospective employer. Although it was hard work for Cheri and the four months she spent on the front desk seemed to last much longer, the positives have far outweighed the negatives. Nothing worth its salt is ever easy, especially when the end goal is being one step closer to putting those brand new keys in the front door for the first time.

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