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The Art of Using a Secretary - The Financial Times December 2013

Writing in the Financial Times today, business journalist Rhymer Rigby explores the evolution of the traditional personal assistant from a 1960s "middle-management luxury" to today's class of highly professional, sought after individuals commanding both higher wages and more responsibilities than their predecessors.

After documenting one individual in charge of running a concierge service who saw himself as an extreme example, Rigby went onto talk about how businesspeople are to go about getting the most out of their personal and executive assistants.

Asking Angela about her own personal experience of how the role has changed and how best to utilise executive and personal assistants in today's workplaces, Angela said that although it can be potentially "terrifiying", people with such assets "need to allow this person to be in charge of [their] day."

Highlighting the way in which PAs and EAs can act as something as a partner, Angela said: "If only your PA controls your diary and calendar, there will be one point of contact and no double bookings."

As for the rest, the tasks you delegate should be decided through discussion: "Open up and talk about your objectives over the next four to six months," she added.

Finishing up, Rigby talked about Angela's personal experience of PAs, and which traits clients of her business had said was most valuable to them when hiring PAs. "I asked one MD what he valued the most in the role," says Angela. "He replied, I want someone who is more loyal to me than the company."

To read the full article, go here.
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