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Angela Mortimer on Female Equality

BBC Radio 5 Live



Angela Mortimer profile picture


Angela Mortimer
Co-Founder of Angela Mortimer plc

The CMI have released a report on how female junior executives are earning as much as male counterparts for the first time since records began. Women’s rate of pay has increased faster than men’s. Despite this, the CMI estimates that it will be ninety eight years before we see equal parity for Britain’s top female executives. At the highest level men are paid £10,000 more than women. This formed the basis of Angela Mortimer’s interview aired on BBC 5 Live ‘Morning Reports’ programme on Wednesday, 31st August.

Angela Mortimer, Co Founder of Angela Mortimer Plc and whose work force is predominantly female, said: “I don’t think the movement and changes of attitude will take ninety eight years, because they tend to be engaged by people over the age of forty five who will be replaced by new people with more progressive attitudes.”

Matt Presland (Interviewer): Some women take time out to have children, from a businesses point of view it could be said that women don’t deserve to earn as much as men because they don’t have the same experience?

“Certainly for board level appointments, that does tend to be one of the aspects which cause them to be eliminated from shortlists for key positions. During that time, they are taking out a key time when most men are laying down their network of support, and if a women takes even two years out or less they will miss out the conversations and interaction in the office which is so bonding, and can assist in going up in an organisation”.

However many organisations are now beginning to employ women as middle and senior level executives, due to their unique abilities to multi-task, co-operate and build teams instead of competing with their peers, as is often the case with their male counterparts.

It is clearly apparent from engaging with Angela Mortimer how passionate and enthusiastic she is in supporting female equality. She adds; “Why should it be the prejudices of a few that prevent women from fulfilling their ambitions? Why shouldn't businesses take on women and be precluded from tapping into this enormous talent pool for the sake of a little lateral thinking and provision of support in those early years?”

Angela would like to see an increase in mentoring and sponsorship programmes supporting women in equal pay and opportunity policies as it currently occurs within her own group. 

Follow the link to listen to the BBC 5 Live podcast - available online until 7th September 2011. The story is covered from 0:19:52 onwards in the programme.

For more information about this, or if you think you can help with mentoring or sponsorship please contact us

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