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Graduate Recruitment Forum at Parliament



 Lucy Chamberlain, Director and
Stephen Barnhurt, COO 
of Angela Mortimer plc

Lucy Chamberlain, Managing Director at Angela Mortimer plc was invited by the Conservative Women’s and the Conservative Future organisations to be a panellist in a forum on Graduate Recruitment held at Parliament.

The forum aimed to raise questions about the factors contributing to the current flood of graduates seeking employment, to discuss the present opportunities graduates have at their disposal, and propose possible actions for the future.

The forum was opened with a discussion on the student perspective on the current affairs and the effect this has on recent graduates. The perception is that many students feel insufficiently prepared for the workplace, and employers feel some graduates lack basic workplace skills. Therefore resulting in the current flooding of the market as graduates struggle to secure full-term employment. Some shocking statistics were shared, indicating that 1-in-5 graduates in 2011 will be jobless and an estimated 45 graduates will apply for the same position this year.

The question was raised as to where the responsibility of this matter lies.
Is it the universities’ for not equipping students with essential skills both for their job search and the work place. Or is it the government’s for insufficient support and motivation of employers to take on students and graduates. Perhaps it lies with the students for a feeling of entitlement to the ‘perfect’ job at the completion of their degree and lack of initiative in seizing alternative opportunities that may be available to them.

Work experience and internships were discussed as opportunities available to graduates, where examples were shared of government support programmes and business practices which are currently provided. An additional idea on the table was that of entrepreneurship, proposing gradates take the opportunity to start their own firms, and create their own employment opportunities.

The forum concluded with the suggestion that both employers and graduates should be more open minded in their approach to resolving the graduate recruitment issues. It was recommended that while government and employers could look at ways to opening up more employment opportunities to graduates, graduates should fully explore the opportunities available to them to better their situation in today’s extremely tough market conditions.

Angela Mortimer plc offers a Graduate Development Programme for more information please click here.


 The panel at the Graduate Recruitment Forum

 The audience at the Graduate Recruitment Forum.


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